ghost runners on the freeway..
the early leading bunch in the Comrades Marathon, an ultra marathon of 55 miles in South Africa, run annually by over 14 000 runners... they are doing the 'up' marathon from Durban to Pietermaritzburg and have just completed the first hill...

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Sat May 28, '11 11:51PM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 20111128161757542  
Date Sat May 28, '11 11:51PM
Comments 3
Views 1247
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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Very interesting concept, Andrew! A very unusual subject.

I would change the color cast a bit toeards more blue (those are probably sodium lamps you shot under) and it might be cool to have less blur on the subjects. Some amount of blur here is pure genius but I almost missed the true subject until reading your caption.

You are lucky to live where you do!

I like the concept too and yes, the lights can be challenging.   Give it a filter (blue) quickly and see how it looks.   My only other comment would be that I would maybe crop out the bottom road as I think too much????   Maybe 25% even?  

Thanks, yup I went back and added a blue filter to the shot, and lost the sodium effect and as Richard suggested, I took off some of the road, much better... thanks guys...