The Alamo
It is 1836 and the defenders await the morning attack of the Mexican army in San Antonio, Texas. Not really but one can dream.

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Mon Nov 02, '09 05:36AM
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Media ID 20111128135046327  
Date Mon Nov 02, '09 05:36AM
Comments 3
Views 975
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Never been to the Alamo, Jim, and if you can believe this, I have never actually seen a photograph of it either!

Crazy to think that not a single defender survived Santa Ana the next day. Quite an epic historical event. Your photo ain't bad either ;-)


I really love the light and the sharp tonal contrasts you have throughout the image.   My comment as an option (NOT a problem as B&W very good), was to think of it in Sepia??  Maybe give it that old "photo" look from the time??  

As is often the case: this is so much better in the larger format! More of the details of the gate become distinguishable and it is more as if the viewer is standing in the photographer's spot. Click that image and see for yourself!

Alternative suggestions: move a bit closer in and eliminate much of the pavement to concentrate on the gate, or go in the opposite direction and move in a bit closer losing the top of the building and concentrating on the pavement.