only shot of the day..
last weeks birding photography hike was completely washed out... and in 2 days I only managed a handful of shots, three of which I stitched together to get this view of Oribi gorge from Leopard Rock..

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Sat Nov 19, '11 06:17AM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 20111123100135182  
Date Sat Nov 19, '11 06:17AM
Comments 4
Views 1164
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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Very moody. It seems that it needs a bit more interest though. Just have to hope for the right conditions.

Sorry to hear of the bad conditions. The stitched pano is cool. What caused the pinkish glow in the top left?

Coincidentally, this was the brightest it was all day, and the rain had stopped down to a drizzle.. for about 20minutes...

@Ruud, I have no idea what caused the pinkish tinge, I went back on the photos and there is nothing there... interesting.. 

Hey Andrew. got one anyway!   No one will ever get a way to control weather and that is when you shrug and just enjoy being there and "soaking" it all in.  I would consider cropping the right side to lose the grey to the right of where the river curves back up.  But.....keep practicing those panorama's...I LOVE THEM!