Greater White Fronted Goose
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Wed Nov 09, '11 08:10AM
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Media ID 20111116214721738  
Date Wed Nov 09, '11 08:10AM
Comments 2
Views 6689
Keywords wildlife goose fauna birds nature
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When viewed at the original (largest) image size, this is filled with detail. Even though this is somewhat monotone and drab in color, it is still stunning. There is a terrific diagonal line from top right to bottom left, and the detail in the feathers is incredible. I also like how the head is turned around and buried down under the wing. Well done!

Editor, Travel Photographers Network

Thank You

Indeed the detail of the feather is locking my interest viewing at this picture, and the way it spreads on the neck gives motion and brings alive the effort made to debug his body

I like also the orange beak on the center of the picture which animates the otherwise dull gray tones of the whole composition 

Last but not least ......i like the reflection of myself into his eye... a detail that give a reverse perspective !