botanic gardens
an HDR view of our Botanical Gardens, please let me know what you think, I'm still experimenting with HDR....

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Tue Nov 08, '11 12:50AM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 20111108131939538  
Date Tue Nov 08, '11 12:50AM
Comments 6
Views 1189
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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Date/Time Tue Nov 08, '11 02:50AM
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 I was going for a slightly surreal approach here...

And you succeeded!!!

I use HDR (Photomatics Pro) sometimes, but only if I cannot get a satisfactory result with one exposure. I prefer the more subtle approach (usually).


I am excited for HDR to improve - it will get better and better until photographs look almost like what the eyes sees.

But my work with it so far has not been good enough really.


What are you using for HDR software?  Also, how many images did you combine and how far apart were the stops?  The sliders in all HDR software are really tricky and take a lot of work.  THis is indeed surreal!   Have you tried to make it look more natural?

Hiya Richard,

I am using CS5 (photoshop) for my HDR, as I said, very early days yet, and I am having such fun... I will admit, I am using my artistic side here and went for a slightly surreal photo... As I use a Canon, I can only get three shots in and the range was one full stop between each exposure.. hence a total range of 2 stops... If I can achive what I am after just using Ps then I will be happy, but if I do eventually decide to look at other HDR programs, I will do just that.

I have experimented with some pictures with a total of a 4 stop range, and obviously that gives me even better Range...

I do have a few photos where I have gone for the realistic image, but they are architectural and not really for this forum: that said, I have just done another couple of shoots and slipped some potential HDR shots in, so I will play with them and see what I get...

any advice is more than welcome..


I think you succeeded in your goal. I also think there are two schools of HDR. One method is to purposely make the image look unnatural and surreal as presented here. The other is to make the image look as absolutely nature as possible, working hard to bring back into view the details in hightlights and shadows that a single image just cannot capture due to the contrast limitations of digital sensors. In the second method you either have to take multiple images and blend them together, or you have to process a single image multiple times with settings in each instance permitting the details of a different tonal range to come into view and then blending the results together.

I'm personally a bigger fan of the "natural" look, but do appreciate what others see in the surreal.