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Sat Nov 05, '11 09:02AM
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Media ID 20111106160106772  
Date Sat Nov 05, '11 09:02AM
Comments 6
Views 857
Uploaded By unknown
Aperture Value f//22
Date/Time Sat Nov 05, '11 11:02AM
EXIF Image Height 626 pixels
EXIF Image Width 945 pixels
Exposure Bias 0.7 EV
Flash No Flash
Focal Length 10 mm
ISO 400
Make Pentax
Metering Mode Pattern
Model PENTAX K-5
Sensing Method One Chip Color Area Sensor
Shutter Speed Value 1/10 sec
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Fokoin - the distortion in your image, the way the tree trunks curve, is very compelling. However, the lack of focus, particularly in the tree canopies is distracting for me, or perhaps it is the image isn't sharpened rather than an issue of focus. But I do like you thinking outside the "normal box."

 Joe.... I tend to agree with you.....although I used a 22 aperture value the canopy came out not sharp 

I just feel that I couldn't do anything more about it........possibly the direction of light created this defusion on the outline of the pine tree canopies !

Thank you anyway!

I like the distortion, it gives a feeling of intimacy, as the trees bend over to engulf you.


The unsharpness was caused by the aperture. By choosing f22 you had to have a shutterspeed of 1/10 of a second and unless you use a good tripod that will lead to camera shake. The other reason why f22 causes unsharpness is something called 'diffraction.' I cannot remember the physics of it, but it means that if you choose an aperure of f16 (slightly different numbers apply to different lenses) or smaller the resulting image looses some of its sharpness.

Edited on Thursday, November 10 2011 @ 04:57 AM EST by rvanr

 Thank Ruud I appreciate your input! You are a good friend J)

I used a tripod  and the remote control so the camera was absolutely solid !

Also the shutter speed was 1/10 sec !

I will read about diffraction definitely

Your comment is a great help to improve Thank YOU !


Just thought of another possible reason for the unsharpness. The advice is to switch off image stabilisations when using a tripod. this is because the stabilisation 'sensors' are looking for movement to compensate for. If they cannot find any movement the system gets confused and moves the lens element to compensate for non existant movement, which results in unsharpness. I am not sure if this goes for cameras like your with image stabilisation done on the sensor and not on the lens, like you have on your camera. I suggest you check the instruction manual to see if it recommends switching IS off when using a tripod. 

Newer lenses with IS auto detect if a tripod is used and switch stabilisation off.

Thank you Ruud !

I really appreciate your persistance...its so useful to have someone like you helping in every aspect of the word.

I will definetly check it !

I also read in Cambridge Colour, a pretty detail description about diffraction and I understood completely how the thing works 

Check my two new photos at Travel&outdoor section.....there i used smaller f stops and no tripod..... i would like to get your opinion

If you ever decide to visit northern will be my guest, at this wonderful piece of land we own here....Smile)