This was taken on Holy Island in March 2011. It is part of the project I am currently working, called 'The Meaning Of Trees' (probably...)

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Thu Nov 03, '11 09:33AM
Uploaded By: Ruud van Ruitenbeek  


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Media ID 20111103133343502  
Date Thu Nov 03, '11 09:33AM
Comments 5
Views 1249
Uploaded By Ruud van Ruitenbeek
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Beautifully simple, Ruud. Love the black and white treatment. The fog makes the mood and keeps it simple.

Editor, Travel Photographers Network

Ruud, I have looked at this photograph every day for most of a week, and have finally resolved a single nitpick:

Maybe boost contrast.

With or without that tweak I will look at this every day for at least a week!

And would love to have more of your thoughts/photos/opinions here on TPN3.

Patrick, I think I understand your wish for a bit more contrast. It would define the tree a bit more, set it off against the even background. I have already upped the contrast a little (37 in Lightroom, if that means anything to you) and there just isn't anymore contrast to be had. Going further does not improve the tree that much and makes the field too dark and reduces the feeling of mystery that being in that place, at that time evoked in me.

I have just printed it on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Bright White and am very pleased with it. I love that paper, it is one of the heaviest around (310gms/m2) and it feels very nice to hold in your hand. Handling a print adds an extra dimension to the enjoyment of the image(provided you have clean dry hands!)

This image is part of a folio of 10 small prints (paper size 21.5 x 17cm and image size 18.5 x 12.3) that I am preparing in a very small edition (10 copies), in fact it is the cover image.


BTW There is a small detail that is very difficult to spot, unless I print it A4 or bigger: there is a bird on the pile of stones just under the right side of the tree.

Ruud, you have a keen touch for subtlety and really appreciate the way you view things.    I meant to comment earlier, but have been a long time on the road and did not have much time.  I can imagine this prints our quite well on the heavy paper and I am ok with the contrast you have here as effective.   I think I see some rolling hills in the back?   Maybe bring them out a little more???    Fantastic much for a print?  :-)

Thanks for your comments Richard. I've been busy too, the last week, so hence the delayed reply.

I use a Canon iPF5000 and the Lucia pigment inkset (12 cartridges that fortunately don't run out all at the same time, as replacing them in one go sets me back over £700.)

I sell 20 x 30cm prints (that's the image size), on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Bright White, mounted using archival, acid free materials on a 30 x 40 backboard, for £39 + postage. Unmounted that would be £29 + postage. Image size 30 x 45 would be £59 mounted or £45 unmounted. If you really like the picture, a print with image size 40 x 60 would be £79 mounted or £59 unmounted.

The small folio of 10 prints + 4 text pages, entitled The Meaning Of Trees will cost £49 + postage (if you're interested I'll post the other images.)