Suset Vista
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Sat Jun 25, '11 01:27PM
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Media ID 20111028002657834  
Date Sat Jun 25, '11 01:27PM
Comments 4
Views 3246
Keywords clouds,sky,sea,waves,blue,storm
Uploaded By unknown
Aperture Value f//4
Date/Time Sat Jun 25, '11 04:27PM
EXIF Image Height 887 pixels
EXIF Image Width 1384 pixels
Exposure Bias -0.3 EV
Flash No Flash
Focal Length 12 mm
ISO 100
Make Pentax
Metering Mode Pattern
Model PENTAX K-5
Sensing Method One Chip Color Area Sensor
Shutter Speed Value 1/80 sec
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I'm not sure that there is enough here to hold my interest for long. Nice exposure though.

What I attempted to capture at this photo was simplicity in all variations of blue colors.I used two basic elements to give motion to the otherwise very static scenery. If you noticed the darker centre cloud looks like it pushes with it's weight the surface of the sea creating these waves with 60degrees angle to the left and right corner of the frame...... In that sense looking at the photo you feel the wind. Otherwise, I would agree with you that there isn't anything else to hold you looking into it ! Sometimes I find it very relieving to stand still and observe such scenes expecting nothing more than relaxation ! Thank you for your comment !

Hi Fokion - it is just a coincidence of course, but what strikes me about this image while viewing it on the thumbnails page, is how it appears to almost be a negative or opposite of Avi Hirschfield's "Stormy Helicopter Rescue"  which was posted just 2 days before you posted this image.

That shot and this one would be very interesting together if posted side by side in a gallery, or one atop the other.

Aside from that coincidence, I am impressed by your description of how deliberately you selected this composition for the void that it offers. I like that type of composition once in awhile but do not often succeed with it. The ones that do work become my personal favorites.

 Hi Patrick

I liked the perspective......... through which........... you made this thought about  my photo being the negative of Hirschfield's photo ! Really cool !