Totem Pole & Sand Dunes
One last view/comp from the location.

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Fri Oct 07, '11 08:31PM
Uploaded By: Bob Miller  


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Media ID 20111024113100507  
Date Fri Oct 07, '11 08:31PM
Comments 3
Views 1393
Uploaded By Bob Miller
Aperture Value f//14
Date/Time Fri Oct 07, '11 01:31PM
EXIF Image Height 536 pixels
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Shutter Speed Value 1/10 sec
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Bob,  This is better than the first post but the blue looks a little much. In IMO it could be toned down a bit. 


All in All GREAT shot and beautiful and it draws you right in. Great Comp.

I'm not sure I agree that the blue is overdone but I do agree with Cindy that somewhere in here is either a color or tonal imbalance, at least at first glance. This could of course be a limitation of the small format of web publication.

I do agree with Cindy that this is an awesome shot. I was only five miles away from this place as an 8-year old and I am still mad at my dad for not bringing me here while we were already on the rez! I had my Kodak disc all primed and everything!!

I agree. This is really too saturated. Sometimes I have that problem with Lightroom. I should stick to Photoshop when this occurs. Thanks for the input guys!