Storm Warning
The often photographed York Lighthouse on the coast of Maine done in black and white to create a better "Storm is coming" feeling. The clouds were darkended for effect too and the light beam added to lighthouse to finish the creation from a color original.

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Fri Jul 20, '07 07:20PM
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Media ID 20111020134717696  
Date Fri Jul 20, '07 07:20PM
Comments 2
Views 1061
Uploaded By unknown
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I appreciate your disclosure on what elements you changed from what you saw. They do enhance the image. I also like the movement in the flag. It too gives evidence of the impending weather. The black & white treatment certainly creates a mood. The only nit I have is that it doesn't appear super sharp, but I would guess that the shooting conditions were "less than optimal". ;-)

Edited on Thursday, October 20 2011 @ 02:25 PM EDT by Walter

Actually, I think I resized it incorrectly making the pixel count to low for the size.  The original is sharp enough for a 16x20 so I think it was me not the image in this case.  JC