In the Slot
Looking up at the reflected light bouncing around in Secret Canyon, one of the various slot canyons within the Navajo Nation, Northern Arizona.

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Sat Oct 08, '11 01:57PM
Uploaded By: Bob Miller  


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Media ID 20111016123004759  
Date Sat Oct 08, '11 01:57PM
Comments 4
Views 1008
Uploaded By Bob Miller
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Great shot Bob. Well done placement of the most brightly lit portion of the composition. When I first saw this, I thought it was Antelope Canyon, and is certainly as good a shot as any I've seen of Antelope. Where is Secret Canyon (or is it a secret)? And, do you need a Navajo guide to go there?

Edited on Monday, October 17 2011 @ 03:35 PM EDT by joebecker

Secret Canyon is in the same area as Antelope, but is lesser known. It is in the same draw as Waterholes. A guide is needed and I think Vance at may be the only licenced one for Secret Canyon.

 This is just stunning.  The land looks fluid, in movement.  The lighting is superb.

Great canyon shot !  Though many images are abound in this category, I like the tone range and composition here very much ! Best regards, Karin.

PS I noted your advice about the guide in case I might want to venture out there in the future sometime.

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