House on Fire
This is the "House on Fire" ruin in Mule Canyon, Utah. Took this a couple weeks ago on my trip to Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. You can see more of my images from this site at my blog:

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Fri Sep 30, '11 08:54AM
Uploaded By: Joe Becker  


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Media ID 20111012214819529  
Date Fri Sep 30, '11 08:54AM
Comments 5
Views 1548
Uploaded By Joe Becker
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This is really impressive Joe. Good eye and good composition. This really does look like fire shooting out of the top and engulging the cliff dwelling.

Thanks Walter. This place is fairly well known. When I was there, two other photographers were there as well. Had to wait an hour of so for reflected light off the slickrock slope to "light" the fire, which then gets washed out when the ruin goes into full sunlight. I left shortly before the sunlight hit the ruin, and met several more photographers hiking in as I was going out.

Fantastic Joe!

 This is fascinating, very organic. Like a giant fungus.

 It's a great capture !

It looks to me like a massive surface of limestone which under the pressure of gravity, was formulated to an architecturaly geometrical structure !