Stormy night
Lightning strike not far from me scared the -------- out of me

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Sun Oct 02, '11 05:44PM
Uploaded By: Avi Hirschfield  


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Media ID 20111002120911409  
Date Sun Oct 02, '11 05:44PM
Comments 3
Views 1004
Uploaded By Avi Hirschfield
Date/Time Sun Oct 02, '11 01:44PM
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Whoa!!! This is scary!! And I thought these are seen only in the movies Smile Fantastic photo of the lightening !!

Terrific capure of lightning.

I really have only tried to get lightning once, about twenty five years ago, using a bulb exposure with a black felt card in front of the lens until a strike occurred. Then I quickly removed and replaced the card.

It did not work out that well, and certainly this is much better. What was your method?

Patrick actually to photograph lightning you need a dry spot and a lot of patience.Tripod and cable release or remote control.

I normally put my camera on 30sec @ f5.6 - f 8 depending on the amount of light surrounding the area.And then watch where the lightning is striking and using a remote control

I start photographing leaving it for the full 30 sec hoping to get at least  1 strike.

I also prefer using 300mm or longer lenses when doing this.

As they say KEEP YOUR DISTANCE ITS DANGEROUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AVI  Wink