Altiplano de Aguas Calientes, Chile
Shot in the highlands above Atacama, within the Andes. The white dust patterns came from high alkilinity of the soil and the pure water comes from mountain runoff. It's a special place but your cardio condition needs to be better than mine was! I was dizzy half the time.

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Wed Jul 14, '10 01:32PM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 2011100123513127  
Date Wed Jul 14, '10 01:32PM
Comments 5
Views 1076
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Patrick...I really love this image and makes my wish I was there not breahing with you.   The colors in the soil are wonderful (maybe even bring out a little more with contrast??) and the overall composition is really rich.    How high were you??  I am about to be going to Himalaya's in Sichuan this Friday around 4000m, so I will need to practice some breathing exercises.   Great image....I am ready to go!

Andrew a great shot I love the colour palette .


Lovely shot Pat!!  I love it!

Thanks all. Richard, this was shot at right about 4K meters, so your Himalyan experience at that elevation would presumably be equivalent. I did actually acclimate pretty quickly but the first few steps up there were dizzying, so be careful!

 It is stunning.  Actually does remind me of the Himalayas in Tibet.  It is what I think of unearthly, because uninhabitable.   I am a great fan of Diamox.  It removes the acclimatization period.