Pondering Pondicherry
This boy did not object to me shooting several photos of him, though he refused to engage me directly. I was struck by his nonplussed response to my active interest in him, and I wound up attributing the one-sided exchange to the nuances of India's caste system.

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Wed Sep 28, '11 09:34PM
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Media ID 20110928213729233  
Date Wed Sep 28, '11 09:34PM
Comments 3
Views 1360
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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This is raw innocence! And refusal to engage could also be due to the fact that the boy could feel coy in front of you due to lack of communicative ability maybe (read language barrier) Smile I like this photo !!

Very nice portrayal and it was actually good that he remained as he was to capture that look.   I noticed the background was a bit hot to me, but in a way that accented the heat and envirnoment you were likely in.    I find it hard to shoot anyone who knows what you are doing, so you did quite well!

Thanks Namrata and Richard.

Namrata, I did not exchange words with this fellow but that doesn't at all disprove your theory. I found most people in India have English but not every circumstance calls for it! In this case of close quarters and camera clicks we simply communicated wordlessly.

Richard, I burned out the BG in post beyond what the exposure capured, and have never been sure that was the right call. Thanks for your opinion on that!