I saw these little guys on a lotus flower while doing laundry in Chiang Mai. It was a pleasant surprise, and a good way to wait for my Laundry. ;)

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Thu Jul 07, '11 12:28AM
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Media ID 20110918011645235  
Date Thu Jul 07, '11 12:28AM
Comments 4
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Keywords flower, macro, nature
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Aperture Value f//4
Artist Kristi Knupp
Copyright (c) 2010
Date/Time Wed Jul 06, '11 08:28PM
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Flash No Flash
Focal Length 60 mm
IPTC: Byline Kristi Knupp
IPTC: Copyright Notice (c) 2010
ISO 160
Make Canon
Metering Mode Pattern
Model Canon EOS REBEL T2i
Shutter Speed Value 1/100 sec
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Lovely colour .

The wasp is slightly out of focus in some areas,A way to improve this and to get more depth is to lift your iso from 160 to 400

(your EXIF tells all the story) then you could possibly photograph not at f4 but f9 or f10  Wink

Thank you for the tip. I have had this issue with other photos as well and wasn't sure how to fix it. I will give that a try next time I shoot Smile

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On the plus side of the extremely shallow focus is the gorgeous background blur here. It's an extremely effective tactic when the BG colors are as contrasty as purple and yellow are.

Also, as far as the parts of the bee that are in focus, you did get the subject's eyes pretty sharp. So on that level you nailed it.

Oh wow, I am sure this was not an easy photo to click ... I mean, while you are zooming in, dont these bees get distracted and tend to fly away? i love the colours in the background .. great !!