Hint of a flower
This is just a small piece of a flower pedal. Use your imagination for the rest

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Thu Nov 04, '10 11:03AM
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Media ID 20110917015447823  
Date Thu Nov 04, '10 11:03AM
Comments 4
Views 3232
Keywords flower, nature, macro
Uploaded By unknown
Aperture Value f//4
Artist Kristi Knupp
Copyright (c) 2010
Date/Time Thu Nov 04, '10 07:03AM
Exposure Bias 0 EV
Flash No Flash
Focal Length 60 mm
IPTC: Byline Kristi Knupp
IPTC: Copyright Notice (c) 2010
ISO 500
Make Canon
Metering Mode Pattern
Model Canon EOS REBEL T2i
Shutter Speed Value 1/100 sec
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You are asking kind of alot of your viewer with this focal composition, Kristianna, but to me you are making it worthwhile because of the scarlet/cyan oppositional color scheme. This image is a little perplexing but nonetheless very compelling. To me that makes it successful photography.

I think the only edit I would suggest is to crop part of the right side off to make it a more squarish image, with the focal point a bit more centered. That's just my two cents worth and I will surelly accept a penny change if your opinion differs ;-)

 Thanks for the comments, I see what you mean about cropping the photo, This was one of the first photos I took with my T2i. I was just playing with the macro lense and didn't quite know why I liked this image but it sort of had this weird unspeakable beauty about it. I didn't know what was right/wrong at the time, and really liked the beginners mind when starting something new. It's a great mindset to keep revisiting as one perfects their craft. Wink 



I like that challenge in your photo.

I agree though about the crop.

Nice shot and enjoy your photography it looks promising

AVI Wink

 Thank you Wink