Everyone knows your business!
Burano, Italy

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Fri Jun 24, '11 02:01AM
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Media ID 20110915071902117  
Date Fri Jun 24, '11 02:01AM
Comments 4
Views 936
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 I am fascinated by laundry photos.  As you point out, they tell you so much about the people.  The sepia tones of this one are very interesting.

Thank You, I'm new to TPN.  I belong to NPN (naturesphotographers.net) but needed someplace for my travel pictues!



Cindy...good to see you post this to the TPN.   I really like the sepia tone and the details of the image.  Very well done!

Great slice of life and I also like the sepia. Well done!

I think I would boost contrast a tad maybe. Not sure but it's probably worth checking out just for fun.