Patagonia Sunrise
This is Torres del Paine at first light. I took two photos to create this one image - one for the foreground and one for the towers. I should have taken multiple for each and then HDR'd them because a great deal of blending was required to merge these two single files, and still I don't have the dynamic range that my eyes saw. But at least a credible rendition is available here. It was a breathtakingly cold and beautiful morning.

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Tue Jul 20, '10 08:56AM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20110912215349647  
Date Tue Jul 20, '10 08:56AM
Comments 4
Views 1126
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Hey Patrick. I really like that you took the chance to do a vertical panorama and have it come out very well.   I have tried this several times in the past, but have not liked the overall result.  THis is quite satisfying by bringing in the foreground stones along with the reflective background and the fantastic location....again, envious!!   Great time of day and as this is a location I want to try to get to, was this hard to be here at this time of day?  Thanks and I like it!

 Patrick - I love this.  The long narrow format works pretty well, I can imagine seeing this hung on a wall somewhere.

Really breathtaking locale and equally fabulous photo !!

This workd for me .It in my opinion will look great when enlarged as then you will be able to see the textures properly