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A guide took this shot of me in a small village of Geejgarh, Rajasthan, India in April 2010. Traveling and photography are my passions. I live in the enchanted Hocking Hills of Appalachian Ohio and try to travel about four months of the year. I have visited 35 countries so far and am especially fascinated by Asia. I became really serious about my photography in 2006, so I still have a lot to learn. Although I appreciate beauty (natural or manmade), I really like to capture every day life. I try to work with form, color, light and shadow as found on streets, rivers, worksites, etc.

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Sun Apr 25, '10 08:40PM
Uploaded By: Victoria Bergesen  


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Media ID 20110911155306264  
Date Sun Apr 25, '10 08:40PM
Comments 6
Views 1133
Uploaded By Victoria Bergesen
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What a fun pic! Now you just need to start a collection - what will be next? An elephant? Too bad the guide didn't get all of the camel in the shot. Welcome to TPN!

Hi Victoria, welcome to TPN! Very glad you have chosen to join this group and post images here. Your travel history sounds very interesting and I am looking forward to footage of it!

 Hi Victoria,

welcome to the site and I also am looking forward to looking at your pictures.. 

 That is a great picture!  


Welcome aboard!

I love this! Welcome to TPN!

Editor, Travel Photographers Network
Very cute picture, you were enjoying every second of the camel ride !! And yes, Asia (India) is intriguing !!