O, A Fool
Mark Jaster is a regular performer each year at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. His mime act is hilarious, as you might judge by his facial expression.

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Mon Sep 05, '11 10:29AM
Uploaded By: Roger Maki  


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Media ID 20110906105051375  
Date Mon Sep 05, '11 10:29AM
Comments 2
Views 1136
Uploaded By Roger Maki
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Hi Roger,

Great capture of this very funny face and understandable why he is in the business.   Very sharp and expressive.  My only little comment is that I would have him moved more to the left of the image or reposition him when you shot him to be more left and blowing into some space within the image and not cut off.  Love the look though!  

I've seen this guy! At least I'm pretty sure. I last went to the Maryland Renaissance Fair six years ago and this fellow (if I remember correctly) made a big impression - not just on me, but on every passerby. What a terrific coincidence that his name is Jaster. I know how I would pronounce that name if I were him ;-)