The Curtain, Kirkjufjara, Iceland 2011
Black basalt beach on the southern coast of Iceland in the late evening light.

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Media ID 20110905231433520  
Date Fri Jul 15, '11 04:48PM
Comments 3
Views 6469
Keywords Iceland, basalt, rock, grey, black, beach, coast, sand, landscape, europe, night, dark, seaside
Uploaded By Karin De Winter
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Karin - lovely photograph; like the texture in the rock and the long-exposure effect on the water. Great job!

As always, a stunning photo, love the colour, the detail and the texture of the rocks.. and the longer exposure for the water completes this...

Karin - I have come back to this photo again and again. It is almost haunting to me and very exquisite. I really love Iceland and for several days I was just silenced by this exposition of that incredible place. Thanks for posting!