Thai Mythology
This intricate statue is built in the middle of a lake in Ancient Siam, Bangkok. This denotes Buddha + serpents from Thai mythology.

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Tue Jan 18, '11 11:22AM
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Media ID 201108231135595  
Date Tue Jan 18, '11 11:22AM
Comments 2
Views 1280
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What a place! Lovely how the pond water reflects the ornamentation.

I do feel that a broader composition to include more on the right side might be effective. And I would suggest trying to tame the highlights in post processing - they are burnt out here but could be salvageable, especially if you shot RAW.

I agree with Patrick. The top/bottom cropping is well done. The right side chops off the nose of the dragons, and the highlights are burned out. A little more room left and right would make this perfect, and darkening the highlights might bring some detail back into the dragon. Really lovely statue and place, though. I wonder what this would look like in early morning or late evening "golden hour" lighting with a sunset or moon somewhere off center in the frame.