Roger Maki
I have my photography credentials posted with my profile, so I won't be redundant here. I'm a retired (April, 2010) ASQ Certified Quality Engineer. I spent nearly 31 years working for the same company, the first eight years as a Production Supervisor. I was responsible for all second shift operations in a plant that manufactured glass-to-metal sealed microcircuit packages. For the remainder of my career I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up - a Quality Engineer. I did that in the same company's plant that manufactured hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers for the OEM market. Most of my work involved process improvement through the application of statistical methods for the analysis of manufacturing and business processes.

My prior employment includes 5 1/2 years working as a professional field executive for the Boy Scouts of America, where I spent a total of 28 years as a youth member (Eagle Scout), professional Scouter, and adult volunteer. I was also a Social Studies teacher for the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services, an Assistant Manager for a retail clothing chain store, and a part-time radio disc jockey while I was in college.

Educationally, I have a BA in Business Administration and Economics and an MS in Management with a concentration in Human Resources.

I've been married to the same woman since 1970, and we have two grown sons and a granddaughter. My wife and I both enjoy traveling and camping (in a tent, on the ground), especially in U. S. National Parks. So far I've been to 31 of the 58 fully designated National Parks, my wife to 29.

I live on Maryland's beautiful Eastern Shore (of the Chesapeake Bay), which is sometimes called "The Land of Pleasant Living." Sometime in the not too distant past, our town (Easton) was selected as the 8th Best Small Town in America, and then as one of the 100 Best Small Art Towns in America. Come for a visit if you enjoy waterfowl, sailing (BYOB - bring your own boat, because all I have is a canoe), fishing, and steamed Atlantic blue crabs and beer.

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Mon Aug 22, '11 09:00PM
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Date Mon Aug 22, '11 09:00PM
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Hey there Roger, great post and I hope you do expect my visit for the Waterfowl Festival this November! I have a friend planning to get married that month and he still hasn't picked a weekend, so I see my odds for WFF as 75%! And I am really looking forward to the event - especially now that you mention blue crabs and beer ;-)

 Beer you say... I will be on the next plane!

I keep thinking I need to explore the US more, to date I have seen the inside of Chicago O'Hare and large parts of Los Angeles, San Fransisco and bits of the country between the two! 

Well bad news Roger - not only has my friend chosen the Columbus Day weekend for his wedding, but also a biz trip to Japan is now set for the same weekend! So two out of three things I have commited to for October ain't gonna happen, and chances are it will be the two personal excursions that lose out!

Can we make it a weekend earlier or later?? I know the festival will not be on then but perhaps photo conditions will still be similarly favorable?? I really want to bring my 800mm lens out to the field during this migratory period and your description of that timeframe really is enticing...

Hi Roger, love the Eastern Shore of The Chesapeake Bay, been there but not too far up, from the Norfolk, VA area.  We want to come back and stay a week or so in the near future.  Looking at Salisbury, Cambridge/Taylor's, Is. & Hooper Is., your town, Easton, then St. Michaels and Tilghman Is.  I know is affords great Scenic Photos for the eye and for the Travel files.  Richard