a time to fish, a time to read..
I caught this interesting theme at Lake Navarone in the Southern Drakensberg region in South Africa, my imagination told me that the guy sitting was reading a 'how to do it' fishing guide...

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Sat Oct 30, '10 08:21AM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 20110822092447576  
Date Sat Oct 30, '10 08:21AM
Comments 2
Views 1006
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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What a great slice of life, Andrew - offbeat and humorous, and generally just intriguing.

I seem to wish for a little more room beneath the boat and perhaps a straighter distant horizon. But if I really had my wish I would come across this scene myself! Great shot.

This image has two things going on that I find interesting. First is the obvious juxtaposition of the person fishing and the person reading. The second, less obvious thing is where the reader appears to be in their book. Assuming this is a left-to-right language, they appear to be near the end of the book. One cannot help but wonder whether the reader started that book when the pair launched their boat and has been out there so long they have nearly finished it. They could not be less interested in fishing. Also attractive to me is the black & white treatment and the action of mid-cast that Andrew was able to capture.

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