Okay, yes, this is a zoo shot. There aren't many leopards roaming about in the wilds of the U. S. Pacific Northwest. Taken at the Oregon Zoo in Portland. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time to catch this cat walking up the log and have it pause very briefly and look at me. Sigma SD14, Sigma 18-250mm OS @ 50mm, ISO 400, f/5, 1/30s, hand held.

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Sat Aug 06, '11 02:23PM
Uploaded By: Roger Maki  


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Media ID 2011082120352383  
Date Sat Aug 06, '11 02:23PM
Comments 3
Views 1430
Uploaded By Roger Maki
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Timing is critical with wildlife photos, zoo or not. And you nailed the timing on this shot!

Great work, Roger. I know you don't like to do a lot of post processing but I think this one could benefit from a small amount of sharpening, possibly just to the leopard himself. Having his eyes in stark relief would be one of the few ways I can think of improving this shot.

Absolutely agree about the timings!! Great shot !!

The diagonal line, profile view, with eyes directly pointed at the camera make this look almost posed. It is very engaging, making me study it for a long time. According to the description Roger provides, this was captured at the Portland Zoo in Oregon. Based on the setting captured in the image, they must provide an excellent habitat for the wildlife they host. The Sigma SD14 Roger uses captures colors and texture so well. Excellent job in a fortuitious opportunity.