Zephyr Ride
This frigate bird appeared to be stationary against the ocean breezes - it was a beautiful moment.

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Tue May 08, '07 06:41PM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20110817230404539  
Date Tue May 08, '07 06:41PM
Comments 3
Views 1188
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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He looks like he is about to plunged down into the waves. I love that moment when they draw in their wings to become more aerodynamic!

I like this The open sky with incredible cloud texture and the frigate about to drop into the       water 

Thank you Ruud and Avi. I love to receive opinions and any feedback from you two.

The phenomenon you both refer to of a seabird pausing midair in order to to time its devastating downward attack is powerful and awesome. But I've never succeeded in capturing that, and have only witnessed it midday. In this case of a dusk beachscape, the bird was basically lounging within the breeze, just tilting a bit as needed minutely for minor adjustments, and otherwise remaining geostationary. It was for a brief moment just stock still in midair, basking under the beautiful rare light. To me it was like watching dolphins jumping through the surf under the midday sun, only with a calmer and much more contemplative feel. It was very peaceful and contented.