Shot with a long prime lens and sturdy tripod - the distortion is all heat.

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Sun Jun 13, '10 02:29PM
Uploaded By: Patrick Flynn  


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Media ID 20110811224753256  
Date Sun Jun 13, '10 02:29PM
Comments 4
Views 1254
Uploaded By Patrick Flynn
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Really great to see you putting photos out here again and this one is really a powerful image to me.   I find the contrast of children being framed against an advanced piece of machinery such as a jet to be really intriguing.  The mono really seals the deal too.    Great work! 

I love this .... the contrast within the image is captivating, also the teddy bear in the little girl's hand is making the innocence to be expressed by manifolds Smile

Patrick excellent shot with great vision on your side.

I am enjoying this strange gathering

Thanks all. Richard and Avi, this composition wasn't possible without the powerful compression of the very long lens. It was set up on a Wimberly head and I was shuffling the whole tripod rig all around trying to get the perfect comp. The planes were accomodating me by taking off every few minutes, but the kids were erratic in their movements and I missed quite a few shots because of that. But I wound up with this one eventually.

Namrata, the contrast was quite low on the original RAW, which was a color image that was dulled by an overcast day and further reduced by the extreme heat lensing caused by a hot day and the jet exhaust. I wound up converting to B&W because that was the only way to pull out the contrast I wanted.

For anyone interested, this was shot at the north end of Gravelly Point park in Alexandria, VA, just beyond Ronald Reagan National Airport along the Potomac River. This kind of scene can be viewed any day of the week there. In the deep distance is the newly rebuilt Woodrow Wilson Bridge, part of D.C.'s capital beltway.