Green plant in the wild
Noticed this bright green plant while trekking to a waterfall ! Apart from the striking green colour, what drew me to this plant are the jagged white edges of the leaves and the light maroon tinge of the new leaves. It really stood out in the wild !

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Sat Jul 30, '11 01:41PM
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Media ID 20110807015022917  
Date Sat Jul 30, '11 01:41PM
Comments 1
Views 1083
Uploaded By unknown
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Great, Namrata! The green is striking and the detail in the jagged edges is captivating.

I have seen lots of plant photos and captured quite a few myself, and what always seems to work best for me, is to place the center of the plant about one-third up and one-third left. Using the rule of thirds really works in this type of subject, even moreso than the average shot in my opinion. So in this case I would have recomposed with the center of the plant being a little more toward the bottom left corner of the frame.

Give it a try sometime just for kicks, I hope it works for you!