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Bill Ballard 
Old No. 7
Antique train engine in repair barn at Point Defiance Park, Tacoma, Washington. This is an HDR image, combining 6 exposures, using shutter speeds ranging from 1/25 to 1.6 seconds. The train engine is part of the Camp 6 Logging Museum. Unfortunately, Camp 6 lost its funding earlier this year and is closed. It is now slowly selling off all its old train parts, cars, and engines.

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Comments 3
Views 652
Media ID 20110804183344250 
Sun Sep 27, '09 07:48PM
Uploaded By: Joe Becker  


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Media Properties

Media ID 20110804183344250  
Date Sun Sep 27, '09 07:48PM
Comments 3
Views 652
Uploaded By Joe Becker
Aperture Value f//11
Artist Joseph E. Becker
Copyright (C) Joseph E. Becker
Date/Time Sun Sep 27, '09 12:48PM
Focal Length 20 mm
IPTC: Byline Joseph E. Becker
IPTC: Copyright Notice Joseph E. Becker
IPTC: Keywords Camp 6; Tacoma; logging; park; point defiance; railroad
ISO 100
Model Canon EOS 50D
Shutter Speed Value 1/0 sec
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Walter Rowe

Friday, August 05 2011 @ 11:58 AM EDT

Joe - great to see you back!

I love the wide angle contextual view of this image. It really conveys a sense of time and what it takes to maintain these old steam locomotives. The HDR leaves it a little flat. I might darken it a tad.

Joe Becker

Saturday, August 06 2011 @ 12:26 PM EDT

Thanks for the comment Walter. The image looks quite a bit better as a print, maybe because my printer tends to add a bit of contrast. Lack of contrast is one of the issue I have with HDR; I'm always adding it back in after the HDR process takes it all out.

Patrick Flynn

Monday, August 08 2011 @ 12:44 AM EDT

Nice work, Joe. The lack of contrast isn't bothering me as much as the successful HDR is impressing me. I usually try to overcome the flatness of HDR with a saturation boost, but my problem is knowing where to draw the line on that. Here I think you have done a pretty exemplary job.