Old No. 7
Antique train engine in repair barn at Point Defiance Park, Tacoma, Washington. This is an HDR image, combining 6 exposures, using shutter speeds ranging from 1/25 to 1.6 seconds. The train engine is part of the Camp 6 Logging Museum. Unfortunately, Camp 6 lost its funding earlier this year and is closed. It is now slowly selling off all its old train parts, cars, and engines.

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Sun Sep 27, '09 07:48PM
Uploaded By: Joe Becker  


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Media ID 20110804183344250  
Date Sun Sep 27, '09 07:48PM
Comments 3
Views 1010
Uploaded By Joe Becker
Aperture Value f//11
Artist Joseph E. Becker
Copyright (C) Joseph E. Becker
Date/Time Sun Sep 27, '09 12:48PM
Focal Length 20 mm
IPTC: Byline Joseph E. Becker
IPTC: Copyright Notice Joseph E. Becker
IPTC: Keywords Camp 6; Tacoma; logging; park; point defiance; railroad
ISO 100
Model Canon EOS 50D
Shutter Speed Value 1/0 sec
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Joe - great to see you back!

I love the wide angle contextual view of this image. It really conveys a sense of time and what it takes to maintain these old steam locomotives. The HDR leaves it a little flat. I might darken it a tad.

Thanks for the comment Walter. The image looks quite a bit better as a print, maybe because my printer tends to add a bit of contrast. Lack of contrast is one of the issue I have with HDR; I'm always adding it back in after the HDR process takes it all out.

Nice work, Joe. The lack of contrast isn't bothering me as much as the successful HDR is impressing me. I usually try to overcome the flatness of HDR with a saturation boost, but my problem is knowing where to draw the line on that. Here I think you have done a pretty exemplary job.