Andrew Brown
my first camera was a box camera back in '67, which then was replaced by a kodax instamatic which I used for school sports photography and when we went away for holidays. Unfortunately photography wasn't looked upon too fondly as an established, responsible career in those days and I was 'guided' into other fields..Fast forward some 30 years and I rediscovered my passion, and have since done a diploma and am always learning 'new tricks of the trade', so to speak... I love architectural, food, nature and landscape photography, which all adds up to travel photography. I have two daughters, one of whom still lives with me, and have a wonderful supportive girlfriend who always encourages and 'creatively' crits me... I still have a day job in instrumentation and control, but the day is coming closer when I toss that and go travelling, and do photography, full time.
I live in Durban, South Africa and anyone from this site who intends visiting this part of the world is more than welcome to contact me.

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Sat Apr 23, '11 03:52AM
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Media ID 20110801064654752  
Date Sat Apr 23, '11 03:52AM
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Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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Love the face on your T shirt with the tounge sticking out.

Howzit and yes maybe one day in the near future you may see me when I visit family in Balito.


Avi, we have that in common, my mother still lives in Ballito, and a recent shipwreck close to there gave me some awesome material...

I would love to visit South Africa again and if I do I will look you up!

It sure would be fun to tramp about wine country with you (Stellanbosch leaps to mind). If I ever get back toward that direction I will absolutely look you up, Andrew!

Patrick, although the wine areas are nice for hiking, the idea there is to find a reliable 'sober' driver and do the wine route in terms of tasting...  :-)

There are some awesome photographic opportunites around there..