At a pub, 3 yrs back.
Lived most of my worklife in crazy Mumbai, now live and work in Pune, 3 hrs away from Mumbai. Love to travel. First abroad trip was in 1999 in Switzerland, had the negative supported Kodak camera then. Bought my Sony digicam in 2007 and using that since. Have an interest in photography, that's all .... and am way behind the professional TPN members!! I love cricket and lawn tennis. Would give up my paid salary job for a decent living opportunity through travel and photography. I want to see the world, hope I can earn much more to see many many beautiful places as my TPN colleagues. I have done little bit of sketching (of still objects) when I was younger. Used to read books, favourite authors being Robin Cook, Frederick Forsyth and Jack Higgins. After a long day at work, the one of the things I look forward to when I get home, is TPN !! Currently a guest member and will be for another 2 months only ... I hope someday I am able to meet some of you in person and go along to visit places as an apprentice or something!

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Namrata it's wonderfull to see a smiling face behind the name .

Keep trying you have a good eye it takes time Wink

Great to put a face with the name. Welcome to TPN! We look forward to seeing more of your work and helping if we can along the way.

Nice to meet you, perhaps we can meet up in person the next time I go to India. I think it may be a decade or so, but I am certain that I will return there. Just need my kids to get old enough to handle it! It is not a destination for the weak of heart or mind. Thanks for contributing all your images from there!

Thank you guys for your kind words! And anyone visiting India any time is free to contact me on Will definitely help my TPN family members Smile

It is great pleasure to see a Bengali smile on TPN !