A portrait of me by one of my student's while giving a workshop.
Pentax K1000 + a couple of lenses at the age of 16 I went to Kyalami (motor racing track in South Africa) and fell in love with the results and that is my start to photography,That was all over 40 yrs ago.
I am married with 5 kids ( 3 boys @ 2 girls)
In 1978 I moved to Israel and in 1989 became proffesional.I have a passion for nature @ travel photography and during my spare time I photograph birds with a friend of mine.
I teach and give a workshop occasionally and would like to take this oppertunity
and anyone of the member's of TPN who want to come to Israel they are welcome to contact me for any assistance and a place to put there head for the night.

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Thu Jun 02, '11 08:18AM
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Media ID 20110731003626785  
Date Thu Jun 02, '11 08:18AM
Comments 3
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A very generous offer, Avi. Nice candid photo with a smile!

Thats kind of you Avi! If I ever visit Isreal, how would I contact you just to meet you, as I will be associated with TPN only for a couple of months more ...