Summer breeze in Udwada, India
A breeze can work wonders to your hairstyle :)

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Sun Jul 25, '10 08:53AM
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Media ID 20110726142805817  
Date Sun Jul 25, '10 08:53AM
Comments 2
Views 1090
Uploaded By unknown
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 I like this shot it has a breezy feel to it or should I say windblown.

Maybe the person is a little to centered in the frame Wink 

I like the wind blown hair, the turned profile of the shoulders, and the expression in the face and squinting eyes. The tree in the background provides even more evidence of how strong the wind is blowing. This is perhaps much more than just a summer breeze, but it really captures the theme of the challenge for me. I especially appreciate that Namrata was courageous enough to post this picture of herself since most of us photographers don't like to have our own picture taken.