Dark-haired Beauty
Taken at an engagement ceremony in Sri Lanka.

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Sun Jul 17, '11 05:35PM
Uploaded By: Lucy Llewellyn Byard  


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Media ID 20110717173553548  
Date Sun Jul 17, '11 05:35PM
Comments 5
Views 1446
Uploaded By Lucy Llewellyn Byard
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This is a very high contrast image, which I don't think is typical of portraits, but I think that it works here.  I like the framing effect of the bright area behind and to the left of the womans face in the photo.  Good, bright colors, too.

I think the high contrast works, but the skin on the face is too light and washed out for my test. I would still like to see a hint of color.

Lucy I have been looking at this photo fro a while now and although I agree with the other's on there comment's I personally think that there is to much contrast in the shot

Did you photograph it as is  or did you PS it a little.

Say Hi to Lipton from me


Hi Lucy, I think this is a great photo, the contrast works for me in this instance, and if I do have a chirp, I agree with Walter that possibly the face is too pale, maybe too much light directed to her face. Other than that, you have caught the beauty of the sub continent just right.. 

 Thanks for all your comments. The bride in the photo came to pick out her pictures and she had a small problem with the brightness on her nose. So we checked in here to TPN and saw everyone's comments. From them I darkened ever so slightly the area of her nose and she was happy. She'll be thrilled to know it got picked for the Editor's Choice of Portraits! Once again TPN is a big help!!! Thanks!

Sri Lanka/Northern California