Osprey with fish
This is the same Osprey that was diving in Now flying off to eat the meal he caught

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Sat Oct 02, '10 07:49AM
Uploaded By: Avi Hirschfield  


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Media ID 20110717165041289  
Date Sat Oct 02, '10 07:49AM
Comments 5
Views 972
Uploaded By Avi Hirschfield
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 WOW, Avi! Super shot! Did you use your 300mm to get that? And how did you get it? So clear...

Sri Lanka/Northern California

Luy hi there and thanks.

It was a 500mm from a hide

But he heard the motordrive buzzung away and that is why

he is looking towards me


A very nice, sharp, and well-composed shot.  You've done it again, Avi!

Definitely think birds are your calling Avi!  Great capture at 500mm with a very pleasant background too.  Do you belong to the Audubon Society by some chance??

Richard thanks  and No I dont              should  I    ????