perfect Smile
An old fellow giving a apathetic smile.

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Fri Jul 01, '11 09:46AM
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Media ID 20110716233630813  
Date Fri Jul 01, '11 09:46AM
Comments 2
Views 3320
Keywords Old,People,India, Portrait, Mono
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Hi Rahul,

This is a very good capture of this person in mono. I like the body position and the concentration of the light on him with the dark foreground. His face is a wonderful as well to really make this image work. Were did you capture this? Perhaps a little more light on the face and have the coat less hot, but picky and not sure if it is the monitor.  Great to have you contribute.

Edited on Sunday, July 17 2011 @ 05:42 AM EDT by rpschoettger

 Wonderful portrait - he really has a face to suit mono!