Strawberry with vanilla ice cream!
Strawberry with vanilla ice cream - double yummy !

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Sat May 29, '10 04:58PM
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Media ID 20110711141455540  
Date Sat May 29, '10 04:58PM
Comments 2
Views 903
Uploaded By unknown
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This makes me soooo hungry!  Yummm and I may have to go get one soon.   I like the image, but would offer to try to darken the hot spots on the whip cream at the top and perhaps bring out the strawberries more with brightening and giving more dimension.  Perhapsgive this a try and see what happens.

Hi Namrata,

I love food photography and can look at it all day.. I think that you slightly over cropped the photo and that if possible you could have had a different background. That said, if you had stopped the aperture to the lowest possible setting F2.8 and focused on the strawberries, the background would have blurred into insignificance anyway....

Still, it's a very nice colourful shot and made me want an ice cream, so job done... well done