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Tue Oct 05, '10 11:49PM
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Date Tue Oct 05, '10 11:49PM
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This reminds me of my grandma. she had a few big vases filled with peacock feathers in her house. As a kid I was fascinated by the shimmering quality of the colours. Later I learned that in some cultures (India and the UK for example) having peacock feathers in the house brings bad luck. Something to do with the fact they look like the 'evil eye.' I don't think the peacock feathers influenced my grandma's life in a bad way. To me they're just beautiful!


Thanks for posting!

I have also heard the superstition about them being bad luck but I just find them to be too beautiful to bring bad luck.  Though to be sure I only have them at my desk at work not at home.  Smile

Hi Shannon,

Great colors and very pleasant, no matter bad luck or not!   Maybe a couple of ideas to try as well to see how this would look as it would be interesting.  One is to maybe get a little more DOF to at least get the entire eye into more of a focus.  Another interesting idea is to actually maybe try to get the feather at more of an angle so the stem of the feather at the upper left is coming directly out of the upper left corner with the feather more diagonally across the entire frame.  These are just ideas and always fun to try different things.  Great to see you contribute.