Impala, Linyanti Region, Botswana 2011
Graceful antelope grazing around in large colorful herds in northern Botswana.

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Media ID 20110701211035608  
Date Wed Mar 16, '11 09:28AM
Comments 7
Views 7286
Keywords Africa, Botswana, wildlife, nature, mammal, impala, rooibok, Linyanti, Aepyceros melampus
Uploaded By Karin De Winter
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This is a really beautiful photograph.  The face of the impala is in perfect focus and the animal is looking directly into your camera lens.  The background of the rest of the herd makes a great beautiful background blur.  An eminent wildlife photographer once told me that you either have to get the eyes of the animal or the action.  Here you have the eyes - perfect!  My compliments.


100% agree with Tricia and to me you you have perfectly blended the impala with the background and more importantly, captured her eyes very well.  It has been a long time since I have been to Linyanti and would love to go back.  If you ever think of going there again, please let me know as I would seriously consider joining you if you have room.  The Okavango is one of the great places on Earth and you are soooo close!!  Jealousy here...  :-)   Excellent shot.

I agree with Trish also! Amazing photo! Bravo!!


Karin I also agree with Tricia  and have to compliment you on your usage of selective focus. Wink

Ditto to everything said. Spot on focus on the eyes and terrific blurred background canvas of the rest of the herd.

Hi Tricia, Richard, Sarah, Avi and Walter, Thank you all so much for your supportive comments, it is very very much appreciated. Kindest regards, Karin.
Fine Art & Documentary Travel, Nature and Cultural Photographer

 WOW! Great! I can't gush any more than what's been said. I agree! Super catch.

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