Beauport Bay, Jersey, Channel Islands
This pretty little bay lies on the south west corner of the Island of Jersey. Very popular in summer, a long walk down a winding path will take you to this bay, or go there by boat. This shot was taken on a July day from a cliff path looking down on Beauport Bay.

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Wed Jun 29, '11 06:58PM
Uploaded By: Tricia Kennedy  


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Media ID 20110629185831948  
Date Wed Jun 29, '11 06:58PM
Comments 5
Views 1265
Uploaded By Tricia Kennedy
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What a beautiful scene. That water looks absolutely inviting.

Tranquility and calmness what a place .I think I need that for a week Wink

aaah, the Channel Islands, on my bucket list... lovely photo, peaceful, calm and inviting...


Really excellent shot and looks like a place I would love to see.  I am not that aware of the Channel Islands and look forward to checking out your site.   This actually reminds me alot of the Falkland Islands with the remote beaches and peaceful surroundings.  

Also, I wanted to offer a hearty congratulations on your well deserved award as Associate of the Royal Photographic Society.  I imagine you are quite proud of that as you should be.   I have respected your work since I joined and look forward to seeing more.   

Again...great image and it does stir the soul!   

Thank you all for your lovely comments.  Yes, this bay is calm in summer, the water is truly inviting and it's one of my favourite places to take a picnic and just chill out.

Richard - thank you.  I am absolutely as proud as punch - especially as the RPS don't give out the Associateship lightly.  I was even more flattered when they asked to keep my portfolio to show wannabees at their advisory days.

I'll post more coastal images of Jersey soon so that you can all see my beautiful island.  Next time, the wild Atlantic coast!

I might add that I'm also proud to be part of Travel Photographers Network and I hope to see more and more great travel images - it is as if I can travel the world without leaving my computer screen

(oops - where did my smileys go??  Sad    Smile