Private Island, private beach!!!!
A private island, Mnemba, off the North East coast of Zanzibar, site of some awesome dives, good fishing and no trespassing .......

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Fri Feb 18, '11 03:25AM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 20110628102945704  
Date Fri Feb 18, '11 03:25AM
Comments 2
Views 969
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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Hi Andrew! When I was in Zanzibar in 2001 it was rumored that Bill Gates had leased this island for a Microsoft corporate getaway. I wonder if that could be true??

Hiya Patrick,

yup, as far as I know, he still 'owns' the island. It has, I believe the most exclusive lodge of all Zanzibar (and probably Tanzania) on the island, and a pretty big and efficient security as well. What is good is that the reefs around the island have been extensively overfished in the past, however the island management work with the local police in stamping out illegal fishing practises now.. On a clear day with smooth seas the diving and snorkelling here is awesome, when we were there I saw a big variety of fish including Stone and Lion fish (which were firsts for me).