Sunset in Varberg, Sweden.
The picture is taken on the southwest side of Getter

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Sun Nov 23, '08 11:56AM
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Media ID 20110623141835430  
Date Sun Nov 23, '08 11:56AM
Comments 2
Views 1229
Uploaded By unknown
Aperture Value f//9
Artist Jesper Vasell
Copyright Jesper Vasell
Date/Time Sun Nov 23, '08 06:56AM
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Flash No Flash
Focal Length 22 mm
ISO 200
Make Nikon Corporation
Metering Mode Pattern
Model NIKON D60
Sensing Method One Chip Color Area Sensor
Shutter Speed Value 1/1000 sec
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I like this and makes me feel very relaxed!   Sunsets are high on my list and hard to capture.  I think this did a very good job at doing this.  I would perhaps have two minor thoughts.  Maybe bring out the rocks in the foreground a little as seem too dark (could be my monitor).  The hardest part about a picture like this is the actual sun itself and the brightness here is quite intense.  Not much you can do, but perhaps take other pictures with the sun a little more behind the clouds and still showing the fantastic ray's and color?  Another option would have been an HDR here that would better manage the light, both dark and light.    I am going to have to look this place up though....I want to go here soooo badly!  Thanks. 

 I agree with Richard about the feeling of the image.  It feels peaceful, open, free.  It would be good to have some definition in the dark areas, but I am less concerned about things going into silhouette when the sun is directly behind them.

My only real suggestion would be a slight shift of the position of the sun in the image.  This is a personal thing for me, which you can easily ignore if you disagree, but let me tell you why I say this.  When i have a strong subject so close to the centre of an image, I tend to go for it and put it dead centre .... or move it to one side or the other. But for me having the sun so close to the centre without being dead centre feels awkward.

Try covering a little of the right side of the image to put the sun in the centre, and see if that feels more balanced for you.  Also, since I love the sky on the right, try covering a bit of the left side of the image to throw the sun off centre while preserving those clouds and blue ... again it feels better to me.  Try it ... see what you like ... and decide what works best for you.  

Great capture.