Purple heron @ carp
That fish looks a little big to me for that bird BUT
did it prove me wrong and within seconds.It landed about 50 meters from me and turned the fish around and started swallowing
all this took around 20 sec.

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Fri Apr 22, '11 07:44AM
Uploaded By: Avi Hirschfield  


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Media ID 20110616233841668  
Date Fri Apr 22, '11 07:44AM
Comments 7
Views 1258
Uploaded By Avi Hirschfield
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I cropped maybe 15% from the left because of a pole.


Very good action shot and I like the way the focus is with the head and fish to bring attention.  I like the warmth of the image too.   I must say, the first thing I thought of is what does he do with all the CARP bones!!  :-)  

Richard now that is a good question.

He regurgitates (hope I spelt that correctly) them

Its amazing how nature gives something different to each species Wink

A great action shot in wonderful light.

I love the look of determination on the birds face... great shot..

Fabulous shot, amazing timing, how long were you waiting to capture this moment? The bird is soooo focussed on the catch!

Great catch by him/her (I am not a bird expert) and you ! The action splashes literally of the screen, beautiful shot ! Best regards, Karin.

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