Whalebone Pier
Whalebone pier in Umhlanga Rocks on the KZN North Coast in South Africa. I changed this to B&W as I thought the silhouettes would show up in a more stark contrast, especially given the position of the sun.... comments please

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Sun May 22, '11 05:01AM
Uploaded By: Andrew Brown  


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Media ID 20110612172419732  
Date Sun May 22, '11 05:01AM
Comments 4
Views 1262
Uploaded By Andrew Brown
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I actually think the contrast works quite well here in B&W and is effectively with the whale bone...very unique sight.  I like everything about this, but I have one personal thought when I opened this for the first time in that it seemed a little too choked off with the cropping (unusual for me to say this!).  I would like to see what the original had and see if adding to the right would benefit more??  See more of the ocean to give the pier a place??  BTW...those bones are huge!!  The people really do provide a great reference for that purpose. 

 thanks guys, @Richard, this is the extremity of the pier in the original, I cut a little off the land side of the pier, but not much...

I think this is excellent, though I wonder if you could brighten the white point some. That may enhance the contrast a little more.

I am quite fond of panoramas, and from a composition point of view I really like the picture. Perhaps the crop is a bit tight, but I think it works. My only real criticism is that it feels a bit flat in contrast. More distinct whites and blacks would match the composition better in my opinion.

Apart from that - a great shot.