Wild Orchid
These tiny wild orchids bloom around May each year and are a challenge to shoot if there is the slightest breeze. This was taken with a long lens and an extender to get deliberate background blur. The only Photoshop work here was to boost the contrast a little.

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Sat Jun 04, '11 06:34PM
Uploaded By: Tricia Kennedy  


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Media ID 20110604183404400  
Date Sat Jun 04, '11 06:34PM
Comments 3
Views 1548
Uploaded By Tricia Kennedy
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Incredible sharpness in the orchids and perfect DOF to compliment the flower as well.   Great in-camera image and colors are also appear very natural and excellent saturation.   Very, very nice....Thanks!!!  I really like  your work!

Three words, Tricia: simple, elegant, beautiful!

Three more: thanks for posting.

Spectacular! Sharp, detailed, creamy soft background and the colors of the flower really pop against the green grass.