Skimmer Visiting the Tsaro Pride, Duba Plains, Northern Okavango, Botswana 2011
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Media ID 20110602224951331  
Date Mon Mar 14, '11 10:45PM
Comments 4
Views 7606
Keywords Africa, Botswana, Okavango, Duba Plains, nature, wildlife, lion, subadult, panthera leo, Tsaro
Uploaded By Karin De Winter
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Hi Karin, First I really like your work and I hope you continue to keep feeding us these great shots. I love the Africa wildlife and always want to go back. You seem to like that mono look, but it can work very effectively and this is another good case of that. So, is Skimmer the lion? Was not sure. You have the lion placed perfectly looking forwards off to the left of the image...always great. If I had to knit-pick anything, I would like to see a little more structure or contrast in the grass. That is an extreme knit-pick though and maybe not needed if we say a large version of this. This is Grrrreat!

Edited on Thursday, June 02 2011 @ 07:01 PM EDT by rpschoettger

Karin, you have a real talent for lion photography! This is the second big winner you've turned out on that subject.

I am impressed with your isolation of this subject within the vast savanna. The lion's timeless pose is beautifully echoed by the grasslands' endless stretch.

What I like most, perhaps, is that I do not need to propose vignetting for this image! Terrific subtle use of that effective technique here.

Thanks for posting your works Karin I am sure gald that you have joined this community!

 Absolutely stunning image!

I really enjoy this image as a horizontal.  Great attention to detail as well!