Subadult lion of the Tsaro pride, Duba Plains, northern Okavango, Botswana
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Media ID 20110526215056526  
Date Tue Mar 15, '11 03:50PM
Comments 10
Views 10694
Keywords Africa, Botswana, Okavango, Duba Plains, nature, wildlife, lion, subadult, panthera leo, Tsaro
Uploaded By Karin De Winter
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Very nice B&W treatment.  I love the setting.

I love the eye contact with this majestic animal, it speaks volumes!

One of my favorite places in the world, the Okavango Delta and an excellent monochrome of the resting lion.  The first thing I noticed was his left ear...very interesting and probably damaged somehow during battle.  It helped me get more of a story of the lion.   My only very subtle suggesting would be to darken the wood behind him a little so he stands out a little more.  The grain and texture is outstanding, but perhaps this would make him pop out a little more.    Great shot!

OKAVANGO I love that place and I spent many months driving all over the northern area of SWA and along the Cunene river.

Back to your photo.I agree about darkening a little in the BG it will make the lion stand out a lot better.

Lovely rendition

Thanks to all for your comments ! I agree with Richard and Avi regarding the tone of the wood in the background; I tried to darken it, then lost the detail in the wood, which gave the image a much flatter aspect, and was not pleased with that result. But I will work on it again, and see if I can come up with something better ! Best regards. Karin.

Fine Art & Documentary Travel, Nature and Cultural Photographer

I love the relaxed pose in combination with the intense stare. Well done!

This is just stunnng. Congrats!

I sure do love it Karin, thank you for posting!

 Like so much that you got a straight on stare. Nice catch. Love the lion's dirty left paw.

Sri Lanka/Northern California