Danger vs Adventure
New Zealand, Franz Josef Glacier

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Wed May 25, '11 02:30PM
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Media ID 20110525193023159  
Date Wed May 25, '11 02:30PM
Comments 3
Views 1189
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My hand froze,Great shot

Max....great shot and one of the few times though that I was happy looking at what a photographer provided rather then being there myself.  I am not sure I would fit!   I like the way you kept the poeple on the left third and especially the top two hikers, with one stepping up and the other looking back.  I thought it was too hot at the top for a moment, but it is effective as is as a way to escape.   Very "cool"  Thanks for sharing.

 Max, this is a great shot, from a vantage point that I've not seen. The sense of being there is so strong that it almost makes me ill from claustrophobia. Well done for taking a photo at that time. And well done for getting out of there and posting it!

Sri Lanka/Northern California