Baboon at Cape Point, South Africa.

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Wed May 18, '11 03:50PM
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Media ID 20110518155055588  
Date Wed May 18, '11 03:50PM
Comments 3
Views 5655
Keywords Baboon, South Africa, Cape Point
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Great catch, Jesper! I have been to Cape Point and did not even know that baboons ever went there. All I saw during my one visit was a lot of jackass penguins!

This is a very pensive shot of that baboon and it makes me wonder what regret he is feeling...and of course why. Nice photo you have made.

Patrick there are plenty of these guys in that area and if you are not carefull will

steal everything they can lay there hands on.

A great pensive mood  you caught

@Patrick, the baboons at Cape Point, and elsewhere in the Cape peninsula, are a problem these days. A combination of losing a lot of their natural habitat and being fed by humans has lead to some pretty nasty incidents in recent years, and some have unfortunately become quite hostile...

I wouldn't say this guy is pensive, I would be inclined to think he is contemplating who next to 'mug'.. or possible where he is going to get his next meal.. :-)